About Mijo Music

MIJO MUSIC Mikael Jöback Production AB

The company started in 1995 while Mikael was working with “Tillsammans igen-för första gången” at Hamburger Börs in Stockholm. A nightclub show with three of the most famous grand-old-ladies in Scandinavia; Lill-Babs, Siw Malmkvist and Wenche Myhre. Mikael was then Head of Musical Department e.g. in charge of musical ideas, arrangements and leader of the orchestra. Ten years later (2005) we were involved in four major productions: “Grease” at Göta Lejon, “Kiss of the spiderwoman” at Malmö Opera, “Cabaret” at Tyrol and “Beauty and the Beast” at Göta Lejon.

Today we can offer:

  • Concerts (program, artists, musicians)
  • Entertainment (for your party, kick-off or celebrations)
  • Recordings (in collaboration with Mountain Ridge)
  • New music (music-on-demand for almost any purpose)
  • Music Director/ Music Supervisor/ Conductor
  • Music arrangements/ Orchestrations/ Music Preparation
  • Synthesizer Programming/ Music Coordinator
  • Musicians/ Orchestra
  • Musical consulting

”Cabaret” and ”Beauty and the Beast” is still running. ”Grease” has moved to Malmoe.
More info in the Projects area.

E-mail: info@mijomusic.com     Phone: (+46) 8 644 11 55     Bergsryggen 6     139 40  VÄRMDÖ SWEDEN